Dana and Matt's Intimate Backyard Wedding

I had the amazing opportunity to shoot two of my dear friend's wedding: Dana and Matthew.  Years ago, the two met a wine party I was hosting. And now, they are getting married. This was wonderful event to have been apart of. 

The event was hosted in their lovely backyard which they spent months landscaping to make it perfect for their wedding day. There were children, hammocks, and baby's breath.  There was down home cooking, lace, laughter, and lots of greenery marked by sentimental music of the era that marked the style of this backyard Broken Arrow wedding.

Cupcakes and Instagram: Laurannae Gourmet Cupcakes (SHOP LOCAL)

            I may have a small addiction to Instagram. Some nights my addiction can take hold of me and ravage my mind for a number of hours without my knowledge. Most times I’m completely sucked in by make-up videos and watching people do hair.

            While doing a little bit of late night Instagram perusing, I came across the “recommended section” of this addictive app. It’s the section where Instagram handpicks videos or pictures it thinks you might like.  One of my naughty little past times is to watch pastry chefs from all over the world make cakes, take pictures of cakes, or simply just cake. I’m especially a fan of cupcakes and mini cakes. One of those very chefs that popped up on my Instagram radar was Laurannae Gourmet Cupcakes. 

            Now cupcakes aren’t a new thing if you haven’t noticed.  In fact everyone and their dog have hopped on the cupcake train. And, for whatever reason, everyone seems to think they can make cupcakes. It’s true, anyone CAN make a cupcake. But not just anyone make a work of art (and taste).

            What most people don’t know about me is that I attended culinary school (many many MANY years ago) affording me the opportunity and exposure to the art and beauty of pastries. That fortunate exposure brought me a bit of the snooty food upbringing that makes me very un-accepting of certain food trends because there are certain gimmicks that simply cannot pass as art (nor food).

            Laurannae is art. Lauranne is food.

            With each delectable picture, you can tell how much love and planning went into the batter of the cupcakes. What's more is that the focus does not lie in the color of the batter; rather in the taste and boldness of the flavor. That’s a far cry from the many cupcake/cake businesses around town that put anything in their cakes to make it look cool yet sacrifice on taste. 

            The funny thing is that you can see the taste in the cake these ladies sling. I’m serious. You can see bits and pieces of fruit. You can smell the zest of the lemon. You can feel the warmth of the chocolate. Looking at their chalkboard menu on the side of their vintage caravan cupcakery, it’s like you’re picking from a basket of summer fruit and begging them to make you fat.  

            When I contacted the ladies of Laurannae Cupcakes about collaborating on a shoot, they were more than willing to “put up” with my photographic shenanigans sounding just as excited as I was to work with them.  The date of the shoot I met them at a local vendor event held at the Restore House where the ladies were selling their cupcakes.

            “You came at the perfect time. The line has really just started to die down,” said Jessica (Laura), co-owner of the vintage inspired cupcakery.

            The gourmet cupcake shop is no brick and mortar layout. Instead it is a vintage style camper that, depending on the season, is adorned with either feathers or lights, or whatever these ladies choose. Jessica stuck her hand out of the window and shook mine, then came to meet me around the side door. Through the door, I could see icing and some beautiful potential cupcakes waiting their turn to be dressed and adorned.

            Laurannae was started in 2011 by two sisters with “a passion for baking and loved all things party.” It is the combination of both of their names (Jessica Laura & Kimberly Rannae) and pronounced “Laura-nay.”  After six years of growth and the launch of THE Vintage Cupcake Trailer, they are a local favorite and staple.  

            “I promise it will only take a minute. Do you have some cakes for me to shoot,” I said, nervously. Was this reality? Was I was actually here meeting the women behind the cake? What could I do but be nervous. 

            “You could shoot over there….or maybe there on that bench…or even out front, like on the trailer, “ Kim suggested after poking her head through the trailer door.

            I looked around and saw there was a small line beginning to form behind me and stepped around back to coordinate with Jessica. Through the screen window, I could see the love and time these ladies put into their little cakes.  I could see how every detail was uniquely theirs and how they connected with their customers. Some of them sat and talked at the window telling them about how amazing their cakes were.  Others bought cake and you could see the excitement on their children’s faces as they went to open the dome encasing each cake was held in.

            This was food love at it’s greatest.

            This was a family affair.

            This was simply family.

            And I had fallen head over hills in love with a local business.

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